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 Lost in the moutains

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PostSubject: Lost in the moutains   Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:26 pm

I saw a black and white movie about a man getting lost in the mountains. I'd like to identify it. What I remember is this: a somewhat dysfunctional family (with a somewhat mean mom) has a meal in their home that is located in some rugged mountains, possibly the sierras. They may have had a visitor involved. For a reason that I can't recall, one of the men leaves the safety of the home against advice (there may have been a storm approaching). Perhaps he was rounding up some stray cattle or horses...I can't recall. He doesn't come back and other members set out to to find him. What I remember most, and the reason I want to find this and buy it, is the haunting mystery and beauty of the mountains themselves, which play a prominent role, almost like a central character. I believe this movie had at least one star, but I can't recall who. It was good enough to make it to DVD and I borrowed it from the public library in Phoenix but can't find it now.
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Lost in the moutains
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